Blake Daniels
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 13
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown


Blake Daniels is a boy the same age as Cole, he was taken from Earth and kbought to the Outskirts in the same group as Cole. He is said to like playing soccer and he always wants to be goalie. Blake has extremely unique and one of a kind shaping powers. He is able to easily create harmonic crystals and change the harmonics of crystals in seconds, whereas even the most skilled Tinkers would not be able to do it if they hd hours.

Slave Edit

Blake Daniels was taken to Junction but was sent to Zeropolis afterward. He worked for the City Patrol to try and regain Old Zeropolis before Datapoint took him.

Datapoint Edit

Cole and Sidekick found Blake working for Datapoint in Book 3: Crystal Keepers. Blake helps them break into Datapoint's Situation room where they later helps the Unseen defeat Roxie by changing the harmonics of her crystals to that of Aeronomatron.

Appearance Edit

Blake is in sixth grade and is one year older than Cole.

Personality Edit

"Blake was the sort of kid who hogged the ball in soccer and talked himself up to much." Cole