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ArchAngel217 ArchAngel217 11 August 2020

The epilogue

The epilouge hurt my imagination. It's so terrible, and annoying, and kind of sad, that I almost cried! I am never reading the end of Time Jumpers ever again!

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MFOOHVG MFOOHVG 20 February 2020


I have a question.
Are raw shaping and original shaping the same?

If they are, then the pages need to be merged.

Edit: Never mind, I found the answer by rereading Death Weavers.

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Cynk Cynk 8 March 2019


Well I just wanna say, that categories here are messy, so I'm cleaning them up. Meanwhile I made a category tree. If you have questions or find some mistakes, write to me right away. 

  • Browse
    • Articles
      • Books
      • Characters
        • Book 1 Characters
        • Book 2 Characters
        • Book 3 Characters
        • Book 4 Characters
        • Book 5 Characters
        • Daughters of the High King
        • Deceased
        • Enchanters
        • Female Characters
          • Female Antagonists
          • Female Protagonists
        • From Earth
        • Grand Shapers
        • Male Characters
          • Male Antagonists
          • Male Protagonists
        • Member of the Unseen (gonna rename that)
        • Races
          • Dwarves
          • Grinaldi
          • Semblances
          • Torivors
        • Redeemed
        • Sambrians
        • Shapecrafters
        • Shapers
        • Shaping Power Manifestations
        • Sky Raiders
        • Slaves
          • Former Slaves
        • The Rogue Knight (I'm thinking about 'Knights of the Rogue Knight' or smth]]
        • Tinkers
        • Torivors
        • Unseen Members (I'l…
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InkedParchment InkedParchment 18 November 2016

New Admin

Hey there, everyone! I am currently the only active admin at the moment (though StarlightWriter might be joining me soon). I plan to make the wikia active again, as soon as the fifth book rolls in. In the meantime, I'll be managing navagation, fixing the theme, etc, etc. I'm still currently fixing codes for some templates, hopefully I'll be able to finish that soon. I hope all of us can cooperate to turn this wiki into so much more than it already is!

How can you help the wiki out?

  • Be kind and courteous to all other users in the comments, blog posts, message walls, etc. 
  • Check out the Five Kingdoms Wiki Policies and Guidelines so you know what to do and what not to do.
  • Edit! That's the best way to help the wiki out and keep it updated.

I'm stil…

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InkedParchment InkedParchment 29 October 2016


Hi, guys! We currently have no active admin/s on this wiki and I would like to know if anyone else besides myself wishes to adopt this wiki. The founder and current inactive admin of this wiki is Monsunogirl who's last edit was on January 15, 2014 as stated here.

People who have left a message on his/her Message Wall have also not been replied to, including an anonymous contributor who had asked for admin rights last year. I can only assume that he/she is inactive. 

The active users I've been seeing are mostly all wikia contributors.

I would like to adopt this wiki so it can be updated and edited more, hopefully I will be able to make it more active. If anyone wishes to adopt the wiki as well, please comment down below! :)

Have a nice day!


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