About Brady Edit

Brady is a young boy from Earth who exhibits extraordinary shaping ability. He says that shaping is like dreaming, except that it comes true. Sambria seems like a dream, which is why Brady thought it was.

Encounters Edit

Book 1: Sky Raiders Edit

Cole, Mira, Jace and Twitch go through a place known as Brady's Wilderness which Brady created. It has giant cookies floating in ponds of milk, giant cupcakes, roller coasters, Ferris wheels, giant plastic skeletons, and more. Brady was unable to control his powers and was scared of them, so when the shapecrafters offer to take his powers away he accepts. However, Brady does not actually appear in the first book.

Book 2: Rogue Knight Edit

Brady was then kept in Blackmont Casle as a prisoner. He was found and rescued by Cole and his friends when they are searching the prison for Honor. It is later found out that Brady's stolen powers had turned into Morgassa.

Book 5: Time Jumpers Edit

He walks the Pilgrim Path along with Cole and the others from Earth. On Earth, Joe MacFarland attempts to find Brady's parents.

Appearance Edit

He is a young boy of six or seven years old.

Character History Edit

He comes from Earth and claims to have come to the Outskirts in a dream.