Fun Fact: In Skyport, Cole is allowed a special item to help him survive scouting the floating castles before they’re raided. At Mira’s suggestion, Cole chooses a jumping sword. The jumping sword lets him jump much greater distances than he normally could.

Cole Bryant Randolph is a twelve-year-old boy and the main character of the Five Kingdoms series. He is important in saving the Outskirts from destruction and develops extraordinary abilities throughout the books. He is recognized as the hero of the Outskirts and currently lives in Mesa, Arizona.

Appearances in the Books Edit

Book 1: Sky Raiders Edit

Cole finds himself in the Outskirts in an attempt to save the kids nabbed by kidnappers. He fails, gets caught as a slave, then gets sold to the Sky Raiders. He meets Mira, a princess and two other slaves, Jace and Twitch. They get Mira's powers back by defeating Carnag.

Book 2: Rogue Knight Edit

Cole and his friends go to Elloweer and team up with Callista and Skye. They win a huge battle, but Cole loses his powers to Morgassa, who was killed by Honor.

Book 3: Crystal Keepers Edit

In the kingdom of Zeropolis, Cole and his friends are constantly on the run from patrolmen, Enforcers, and The Hunter, who turns out to be Cole's brother. Cole delivers a message to Queen Harmony then attends a secret meeting of shapecrafters led by Owandell. A mysterious figure appears at the Founding Stone named Nazeem. Cole gets caught and touches the Founding Stone, unlocking his power temporarily. He meets Dandalus, who helps him merge his body with his vision to Queen Harmony. Cole and his friends defeat Roxie, a female version of Aero, and get Princess Constance's powers back.

Book 4: Death Weavers Edit

Cole meets Nazeem at the Fallen Temple and discovers that he is Ramarro. With help from a semblance version of Dandalus in the Founding Stone, he traps Ramarro in the Void. Nobody knows that for sure.

Book 5: Time Jumpers Edit

Cole keeps practIcing his newfound ability and teams up with Violet to get everyone together. He beats Ramarro one on one and saves the day. They leave to Earth on the Pilgrim Path and slowly forgets the Outskirts. Mira talks to him but couldn't remember her.

Relationships Edit

Friends Edit

Mira Edit

She has a very explosive temper; they become great friends throughout the series and is hinted in many scenes that they have an attraction to one another. Though later, in the epilogue, Cole describes her as an attractive person, having forgotten about her.

Jace Edit

He is a huge hothead, sometimes annoys Cole, but would always help him out; met him in the Sky Raiders.

Twitch Edit

He is a grinaldi from Elloweer that Cole met in the Sky Raiders.

Dalton Edit

He is Cole's best friend from Mesa.

Jenna Hunt Edit

She is an attractive girl who Cole saved and who Cole had a crush on. She is very nice.

Family Edit

Hunter Edit

He is Cole's older brother. He used to be an infamous Enforcer known as the Hunter.

Chelsea Edit

She is Cole's older sister.

Abilities Edit

See Raw Shaping.