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"Can you shape it more? Improve it?"

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"Your memories are not genuine, Cole. Would you like the real ones back?"

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Fun Fact: In Skyport, Cole is allowed a special item to help him survive scouting the floating castles before they’re raided. At Mira’s suggestion, Cole chooses a jumping sword. The jumping sword lets him jump much greater distances than he normally could.

Fun Fact 2: He had a crush on Jenna when he was little, and some fans believe he still does.

Cole Bryant Randolph is the main character of the Five Kingdoms series. He is important in saving the Outskirts from destruction and develops extraordinary abilities throughout the books. He is recognized as the hero of the Outskirts and currently lives in Mesa, Arizona.


Sky Raiders[]

On Halloween, Cole and his friends check out a new haunted house on Wilson Avenue. When they are ushered into the basement, they get locked in. They discover that the people running the haunted house are not doing an ordinary Halloween hoax; it was something more sinister. A fight breaks out, and Cole knocks out the lantern, plunging the room into darkness. Amidst the chaos, Cole finds himself tangled and hidden within fallen curtains, while the other kids are being led into a manhole.

Once all the kidnappers and children were out of sight, Cole discovers that a little girl named Delaney also managed to hide. Cole tells her to get help, while he goes down the manhole, hoping to help his friends somehow.

To his surprise, instead of a sewer, he arrives at an unfamiliar barren prairie. Cole arrives next to a wayminder, who tells him it is impossible to get back, and that he should get a freemark. Instead of getting a freemark, Cole attempts to free his friends, only to get caught, resulting in him getting captured as well. In addition, he gets treated fairly worse than most of the other slaves.

He is soon purchased by Durny to be sold to Skyport, where he is to work for the Sky Raiders. There, he makes new friends: Mira, who gives him advice on his missions and which weapon to pick—in which she recommends the Jumping Sword, and two of his roommates Jace and Twitch.

On his first scouting mission, he meets a semblance named Merva, who gives him her shawl in an attempt to conceal him from the scorpipede—as Cole called it—in the castle. The scorpipede, however, sees through and attacks Cole and the semblances. Cole barely survives and manages to salvage Merva's shawl. Cole then goes on a few more scouting missions until the disastrous mission on Parona.

On Parona, Cole meets another semblance, who was a soldier named Lyrus. Lyrus believes that Parona is a sacred proving ground for heroes, and that anyone who wants to take something must prove themselves worthy first by taking one of the five challenges. While Cole tries to explain to the soldier the truth, that he is a semblance and Parona a sky castle, Lyrus becomes weary of the shawl, saying that Cole doesn't know what he has. Cole puts it on the semblance's shoulders and finds out that the shawl can make semblances become aware of their true nature and obey whoever puts it on them. Cole convinces Lyrus to take a challenge, who wants to prove himself worthy. Lyrus takes the challenge of Harano the Lion. After Lyrus slays the beast, the Sky Raiders start salvaging Parona's treasures.

In an attempt to further prove himself worthy, Lyrus deceives Cole by taking the remaining four challenges. The Sky Raiders escape, except for Durny and Mira, who are being attacked by Skelock the Spider. Durny manages to kill the spider with shaping, but Gromar the Cyclops comes bounding towards them. Cole jumps off the lifeboat with his sword and slays the cyclops.

They construct a makeshift lifeboat to get back to Skyport, but during the construction, Durny dies due to his injuries.

With her protector gone, Mira decides to trust Cole and reveals her secret. Mira tells Cole of the tragic death of the High King's five daughters years ago, and that the accident was faked; she is one of the High King's lost daughters. She says that the High King is trying to find her and her sisters. Mira reveals that she and Durny were supposed to leave Skyport the following day because of a warning signal her mother gave her in the form of a special illusory star in the sky. She asks Cole to come with her in her escape from Skyport. Cole is reluctant at first but eventually agrees.

The following morning, a messenger comes to warn about incoming legionnaires who want a slave. Adam Jones disregards this, and the legionnaires arrive. Cole and Mira escape on a skycraft along with Jace and Twitch. With no other option, they fly into the Eastern Cloudwall.

A vortex awaits behind the cloudwall, but they get rescued by an unknown person. They discover the private estate of Cloudvale, where they meet Liam, who turns out to be the rescuer, Asia, Jamar, and the exiled Grand Shaper of Sambria, Declan Pierce.

They learn that they must defeat Carnag, the growing disturbance in Sambria, who turns out to be the manifestation of Mira's stolen shaping power. As they make their way to fight Carnag, they meet up with by Liam, who helps them defeat Carnag.

Carnag gets defeated by Cole using the shawl.

They later meet up with the messenger from Skyport, who has information on one of Mira's sisters, Honor.

Rogue Knight[]

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Cole and his friends go to Elloweer to try to track down Mira's other sister, Honor (Nori), and after meeting with a member of the Unseen, a group of spies which are heavily involved with the revolution, they visit a few confidence lounges and they hear important information including a prisoner, who they gang think is Honor, they also heard of a power running loose, who they believe to be Honor's power, much like Mira's situation with Carnag, and finally they catch wind of a mysterious champion named the Rogue Knight. They also find Dalton, Cole's friend from home at The Silver Lining. Later on, the Rogue Knight comes to rob the gang and he also takes Mira away, and in a moment of desperation, Cole finally unlocks his shaping ability, although it was only for a moment. They later find out that the Rogue Knight is partially on their side, as he doesn't kill Miracle, but instead protects her. Everyone heads to Callista, where she helps Cole truly understand his power, although he still can't access it at that current point, he knows what to look for. Callista lets everyone choose the mask they want, which would transform them into a strong animal, or in Honor's case, a knight in armor. Everyone then heads to the danger known as Morgassa, who as we found out was not truly Honor's enchanting powers, but instead were Brady's powers stolen into one body. They all fight a long and hard battle, and towards the end, they might have died if not for Cole's magic. He finally figured it out! He used his shaping to make Jace's golden rope work in Elloweer, and he used a bit of shaping himself, making his Jumping Sword stronger. The battle is soon won afterwards, but before long, Morgassa digs into Cole and "unsyncs" his shaping, as she did to Callista. Cole had luckily survived, but Callista wasn't so lucky... She chose Skye to be the next Grand Shaper of Elloweer when she would pass, and that happened in about 15 seconds. Callista has Skye promise her that Skye would go to Trillian for guidance and teaching. The group spilt up, with some people going to Necronum and some going to Zeropolis, where the next adventures of Cole, Jace, and Joe will take place. They surely will get to know Joe much more, and as it turns out, he has a secret he doesn't usually tell...

Crystal Keepers[]

In the kingdom of Zeropolis, Cole and his friends are constantly on the run from Enforcers, City Patrol, and The High King’s top Enforcer, The Hunter. Cole delivers a message to Queen Harmony in Junction then attends a secret meeting of shape crafters led by Owandell. A mysterious figure appears at the Founding Stone named Nazeem, Owandell’s master and the creator of Shapecraft. Cole is discovered by Nazeem and touches the Founding Stone, letting his mind move around while time is frozen. He meets Dandalus, who helps him train his power. Cole escapes Owandell and returns to Queen Harmony where she informs him that Jenna is at The Temple Of Still Water in Necronum and Constance is hidden in a secret prison by Abram Trench, The High Shaper of Zeropolis. Before he can leave Junction, he is captured by The Hunter. Cole awakes in Zeropolis at one of The Hunter’s hideouts where he tells him that he is his brother Hunter Randolph. He tells Cole he is on the wrong side and the Unseen are just terrorists who want to destroy the Outskirts. Cole argues with Hunter and eventually Hunter agrees to investigate and leaves Cole with access to a thruport so he can find proof that Hunter really is his brother. 3 days later Hunter returns and admits that Cole was right all along and offers to help rescue Constance from Abram Trench. Because Cole had found lots of proof that Hunter was really his brother, he accepted. With his help, Cole and his friends defeat Roxie, the supercomputer Constance’s power was feeding into, and rescue Princess Constance.

Death Weavers[]

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Cole meets Nazeem at the Fallen Temple and discovers that he is Ramarro, the second torivor who nearly took over the outskirts along with Trillian With help from a semblance version of Dandalus in the Founding Stone, he traps Ramarro in the Void, which is a room with a looping time.

Time Jumpers[]

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Cole keeps practicing his newfound power and teams up with Violet to get everyone to work in harmony. He goes back to the Void and destroys Ramerro with his power, and saves the day. They go back to Earth on the Pilgrim Path and slowly forget the Outskirts. Mira tries to tell him about his adventures.




Hunter is Cole's older brother. He used to be an infamous Enforcer known as the Hunter but later switched to Cole’s side. When they first met, Cole didn’t remember him, having entered the Outskirts earlier, but Cole later believes him.


Chelsea is Cole's older sister, who annoyed him at first. After much time in the Outskirts, despite his annoyance towards his sister, Cole started to miss her.



Dalton is Cole's best friend from Mesa. Cole didn't give up finding him, and when he found him in the Silver Lining Confidence Lounge in Elloweer, they had a happy reunion. Dalton traveled with Cole throughout the series ever since he was found by Cole.


Jenna is an attractive girl in Cole's class. Although Cole had a crush on her for years, he has become quite confident around her and became friends with her. She and Dalton were the main people Cole wanted to find in the Outskirts.


Mira and Cole become great friends throughout the series and is hinted in many scenes that they have an attraction to one another. Though later in the epilogue, Cole describes her as a good sounding person but doesn’t remember her.


Jace started out sort of hostile towards Cole, probably because he was jealous of the time he was spending with Mira. He sometimes flirts with Mira, but he would always help Cole out.


Twitch is a grinaldi from Elloweer that Cole met in his time with the Sky Raiders. They become great friends throughout the series, and Twitch saved their lives many times.


Joe is a man from Earth who lived in Zeropolis while in the Outskirts. He assists Cole and the others on their adventures.