About Constance Edit

Constance is a daughter of the High King and Harmony; sister to MiracleHonorElegance and Destiny. Mira often refers to her as Costa. Constance's powers are strongest in Zeropolis, and therefore it is where Mira believes she is being kept.

Appearance Edit

When seen in the the trial against Trillian, Constance is described as having Short Straight Hair and a bored expression on her face. Another time is in book three, the Crystal Keepers where the Hunter and Cole finds her and a friendly seeming supercomputer.

Personality Edit

In The Rogue Knight, Mira describes her sisters as being in relation to their names. Constance was the most level headed and reliable.

Character History Edit

Constance, like her sisters had her shaping powers stole by her father at a young age and she remained that age after her powers were stolen.