One of the Five Kingdoms featured in Time Jumpers, Creon is a kingdom that involves the warping of space and time. Powerful shapers are called Wayminders and can open portals to anywhere in the Outskirts, given enough rest. Creon is protected by a mysterious barrier called the mindscreen to prevent those who leave from remembering important events that transpired within the kingdom. This barrier makes remembering anything from Creon very difficult. Reentering the kingdom restores all previous memories of it, but clouds them once again after exiting. Extremely powerful shapers such as Grand Shapers can become Time Jumpers. Time Jumpers can travel to the past using their shaping after a long period of rest. Actions any character does in the past have no effect on the present day because any action a person does in the past had already happened even before the person would travel back in time to do it. Time Jumpers cannot exit Creon while in the past, as the action of doing so will simply revert them back to the present.

Creon is the location where many of the main events in Time Jumpers occur.