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"Can you shape it more? Improve it?"

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Fun Fact: In the Outskirts, the slavers believe Jenna and Dalton have strong shaping abilities and are taken to the High King, where slaves who have strong shaping powers are very valuable.

"Don't say that. I chose to be here. I was alone, Cole. I hated it. This is way better. I feel like myself again. We're doing the right thing. We have to try."

-Dalton to Cole, Rogue Knight

One of Cole Randolph's friends who was kidnapped.

Dalton is in the sixth grade, lived in Mesa, Arizona, and gets stressed easily.

After his capture, he was scheduled to be taken to the High Shaper. In Book 2, he was found in Elloweer working at the Silver Lining in Merriston. He joins the resistance and is an shaper.


Dalton was dressed as a sad clown so he wears a trench coat and fedora and his easy smile is covered by an exaggerated makeup frown.

When working at the Silver Lining, he wears gray robes and looks normal.

With Callista, he chose a bull mask, so when he puts it on, he turns into a huge bull.