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Declan Pierce was the Grand Shaper of Sambria and helped Mira, Jace, Cole, and Twitch by providing them with a safehouse and provisions to continue their journey through Sambria.

Grand Shaper[]

Declan was the Grand Shaper for many years until he realized Stafford Pemberton becoming a corrupt ruler and started to fear for his safety. When Stafford started taking control of the Outskirts, he, along with the Grand Shaper's of Creon, Necronum, and Elloweer went into hiding. Abram Trench, the Grand Shaper of Zeropolis and a friend to the High Shaper did not go into hiding.

In Hiding[]

Declan took his family and closest friends into hiding behind the Eastern Cloudwall. It was a good spot to stay hidden behind because no one had ever returned from behind the cloudwall, as their was a giant vortex, sucking up everything coming it's way. Declan was able to shape a castle behind the cloudwall and resided in it until they were flushed out after they helped Stafford's daughter, Mira. The only known people that Declan took with him into hiding are Liam, Asia, and Jamar. Theses four stayed alive because they could prolong their life with their shaping power. The rest died off long before Cole, Mira, Twitch, and Jace reached the castle.

Meeting Cole[]

Declan's apprentice, Asia, fished Cole, Mira, Jace, an Twitch out of the swirling vortex using drones. Asia was skeptical but Liam convinced Asia to let them see Declan. Once Declan met with the four escapees, he told them about Mira's shaping power and that it had been bound into another creature. He told them that the must find Carnag and defeat him so that Mira's power could be destroyed. He supplied the four with provision's as well as an autocoach and Bertram. He also told Cole more information about the Wayminder's and how he might be able to get back to Earth. Declan and his entourage moved away from Cloudvale to avoid being found by Commander Rainier.