Delaney is a young girl, "small and skinny, with wavy auburn hair and freckles" (1:25). She is a child who is dressed up as an angel for Halloween and escapes from Ansel's roundup in Arizona.

Appearances in the BooksEdit

Book 1: Sky Raiders Edit

Cole Randolph sends her to warn the police and advises her to break the window to get out instead of taking the door. While she escapes, Cole follows the slavers through the manhole.

Book 4: Death Weavers Edit

Upon reaching the summit of a tall mountain in the echolands, Gwendolyn tests Cole's level of commitment by using his memories to create a false but authentic reality of the kidnapping in Sky Raiders. It was a pretty awkward moment for Cole since he already knows Delaney and what she's going to say, and Delaney was a little frightened of him.