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Destiny is the daughter of the High King, Stafford Pemberton and Harmony. She is the sister of Miracle, Constance, Honor and Elegance. Destiny is often referred to by Mira and her family as Tessa. Destiny is the youngest of the sisters and her power is strongest in Necronum. She is thought to be being kept in Necronum. She has a close relationship with Miracle

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She is described as having straight brown hair and dark soulful eyes. She has a small build, big eyes and a pretty face. She is 9 years old; the youngest of the sisters.

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Character History Edit

Destiny, along with her sisters had her shaping powers stolen by her father at a young age. After they were stolen she remained the same age for years.

Destiny is named for her power, which allows her glimpse of the future, in accordance with her weaving powers.