About the Dreadkinght Edit

The Dreadknight was the most feared champion in Elloweer. He was the champion of Edgemont and had twelve knights notably Oster, Raul and Desmond. He took it as his personal responsibility to guard Blackmont castle the prison holding Brady, Secha and Reggie. Brady revealed that the Dreadknight's real name is Vince.

Appearances in the books Edit

The Dreadknight appears in book 2 when he accepts a challenge made by The Rogue Knight for leadership of Edgemont. After a large fight The Rogue Knight gets the Dreadknight in a position where he can kill him, He offers The Dreadknight a chance to join his knights and he will let him live. The Dreadknight refuses and is killed.

Appearance Edit

The Dreadknight is enormous, a head taller that the Rouge knight. He wore dark armour coated in spikes that apparently matched the jagged appearance of Blackmont castle. Spikes bristled on his helmet and shoulders and cruel edges protruded from his vambraces and greaves. He carries a broadsword nearly the height of a man.

Blackmont Castle Edit

Blackmont castle is the most secure prison in Elloweer. It is next to the city Edgemont.