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A shaped creation made by Dandalus, "The Guy in the Founding Stone." It is on the Brink in Sambria. The floating castles from the Western Cloudwall move into the Eastern Cloudwall and appear on the other side. They are then swallowed by a giant vortex that seemingly leads to nothingness. The Eastern Cloudwall is bordered on the south by the Boomerang Forest. There is a small bit of land north of the forest and before the cliff where Declan had a refuge.

While sky castles formed from the Western Cloudwall, they were eventually destroyed after floating into the Eastern Cloudwall. Behind the Eastern Cloudwall is a void of destruction, one that uses sharp winds to pull objects into the vortex. The creator of that vortex is currently unknown, and no evidence has been found regarding its creation or how to destroy it.

Cole later discovers the vortex as an equivalent of a slipstream in the echolands.