About Elegance Edit

Elegance is a daughter of the high king and Harmony; a sister of Miracle, Honor, Constance and Destiny. Elegance is often referred to by Mira as Ella. She is the eldest of the sisters, and her power is strongest in Creon. Prior to Cole and his friends’ arrival in Creon, she resided in the Iron Fort with her husband and protector, Brogan.

Appearance Edit

She is romantic.

Personality Edit

She is the most feminine, but she is willing to do her duty if needed. She never misses a chance to correct someone's manners.

Character History Edit

Elegance, along with her sisters had her shaping powers stolen by her father at a young age. After they were stolen she remained the same age for years. She hid away in Creon in the Iron Fort and married her protector, Brogan Holt. Because of her inability to age, Elegance stayed by his side in the Iron Fort.

Shaping Ability Edit

The Perennial Serpent Edit

Just like her sisters, Elegance’s shaping power manifests itself in the form of a creature: the Perennial Serpent. The Perennial Serpent has been around since Kendo’s time and possibly before. It uses Creon shaping to teleport itself and send its victims back in time. It is often seen alongside a mysterious figure called The Ancient One. In the hypothetical future, Cole learns that The Ancient One is Owandell, who calls the Serpent “Peya” and controls it. In both the hypothetical future and the real future, Cole takes Elegance’s power from it, effectively destroying it.

Elegance Edit

When Cole tries to awaken Elegance’s magic, he finds nothing but a “burnt-out coal“ (presumably the nexus). However, he is able to awaken her power.

While Elegance never actually uses her power, it presumably involves advanced Wayminding.