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Elloweer is one of the five kingdoms and is adjacent to Junction, Sambria, and Zeropolis. It is connected to Sambria by a bridge in Carthage and to Junction by Five Roads. Elloweer and Zeropolis are directly connected, merely being separated by an invisible border that marks the point where each kingdoms' shaping technique either starts or stops working.

Elloweer is full of unusual beings, such as the grinaldi and swamp folk. Some of them can't leave Elloweer. They come up against a barrier. Other beings can leave, but they change to human form.[1]

Ellowine enchanters have created special items, such as Twitch's ring, that can change a "human" Ellowine outside of Elloweer back into his or her true form.

Elloweer is the main setting for the second book of Five Kingdoms.

Shaping Technique[]

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The shaping technique or discipline in Elloweer has two parts. They can shape living things, called changings, and create illusions, called figments.