There are different forms of shaping in every kingdom. The shaping in Elloweer is known as enchanting, and those who use this shaping power are called enchanters. The things that they create in Elloweer are known more as illusions or seemings. They are visioned in the mind and brought into the world almost like a hologram. The bigger substances, or living organisms they try to create are more complicated, because they have to replicate the breathing, each joint, and other functioning properties.

Abilities Edit

  • Illusion Manipulation - User can manipulate illusions.
    • Illusive Appearance - User can create an illusion around him/her, which is known as a changing.
    • Illusionary Environment - User can create an illusion aroung his/her surroundings.
  • Powered Form - User can enter or leave a state where one has special abilities.
    • Shapeshifting -  User shapeshifts into an animal when entering powered form.
    • Temporal Restarting - User's powered form resets to a full health animal when left then reentered.
  • Age Deceleration - Combined with the other four shaping techniques of each kingdom, the user can decelerate his/her age.

Known Users Edit