The Five Kingdoms constitute the nations in The Outskirts. The Five Kingdoms are Sambria, Elloweer, Necronum, Zeropolis, and Creon. The capital of the Five Kingdoms is Junction City.

In the Outskirts there is in some people an ability called shaping. Shaping is the power to rearrange reality, although it has its limits.

Each of the Five Kingdoms is ruled by a grand shaper, with another shaper being the High King. Together, these six shapers constitute the Governing Council of The Outskirts.

However, evil has spread across the Outskirts. The corrupt high shaper, Stafford,  has exiled the grand shapers, with the exception of the Zeropolite Abram Trench; the other four were forced to go into hiding. The high king has extended his control to all of the outskirts except a few hidden locations.