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One of Ansel's slavers who kidnaps Cole Randolph, Dalton, and Jenna Hunt.

Physical Appearance[]

He has a mostly bald head with a bristly fringe around the sides. His wide, flat nose tops a drooping handlebar mustache.

Sky Raiders[]

When Cole, Dalton, Jenna, and their friends, went into the Spook Alley, a scary haunted house the kids wanted to go to on Halloween, Ham "showed" them the basement, which had black curtains hanging on all the walls. Secha appeared to scare the kids, then Ansel and his men came out of hiding and kidnapped the kids. Cole hid under a fallen curtain as his friends were taken by the kidnappers through a hole in the floor, which Cole found out later, at the other end was The Outskirts. Cole followed them through, then tried to rescue his friends, but was spotted, when a kidnapped girl ratted him out. Cole was brutally treated, then sold to Durny to work at Skyport. Ham then continued to work with Ansel to sell the rest of the kidnapped kids.

Rogue Knight[]

Ham first appeared when Ansel found Cole in Carthage, and led him on to a roof. Ham climbed onto the roof, trying to capture Cole. Cole easily avoided this by using his jumping sword to jump to another roof. Ham climbed onto the roof Cole jumped to, but Cole jumped back to the other roof. Ham started to complain. Ansel then said he would find Cole, as Cole ran away. While Cole and Twitch were sleeping in an inn, in the Elloweer side of Carthage, Ansel and his men came into the room. Twitch managed to escape out the window, and go get help, but Cole go kidnapped again, then knocked unconscious. Cole awoke to find himself sitting in a empty room with no windows, a wooden door, and a brick wall. Ansel and Ham were in the room. Ansel started talking with Cole. Ham started getting frustrated with Cole, so Ansel told him to go fetch Secha. While Cole and Ansel were talking, Ham entered the room with Secha. Moments later, Jace and Joe entered the room to rescue Cole. Ham tried to attack them, but was wrapped up in Jace's golden rope. Ham was flung at the ceiling, which snapped his neck, and killed him instantly.