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Queen Harmony Pemberton is the High Queen of the Outskirts, the wife of King Stafford Pemberton, and mother to Elegance, Honor, Constance, Miracle, and Destiny.


Cole sees her appearance from sixty years ago in Trillian's contest: she had dark brown hair that was put up in an elaborate style. In Book 3, Crystal Keepers, Cole sees her in Junction City, and notes how her hair has a few gray streaks, and her eyes were tired looking. Nevertheless, she still looked quite regal and queenly.


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At some point, Harmony and Stafford got married, and they became the rulers of the Outskirts.

Rogue Knight[]

While Mira, Jace, and Cole were in Trillian palace, they had to go through simulations of their worst memories to find Honor and rescue her. Mira's memory was of the day her father faked her and her sisters' deaths and stole their powers, sixty years ago.

Crystal Keepers[]

When Cole is sent by the Unseen to talk to her in Junction City, Harmony finally got to meet him in person. After telling him the code words that implied his allegiance with his daughters and the rebellion, she was much less formal and worriedly asked about the fate of her daughters. She was able to provide him with vital information regarding the location and workings of Abram Trench, the Grand Shaper of Zeropolis. Since he had kidnapped Constance years before, and was the only Grand Shaper under Stafford's influence, she knew secrets about where her daughter was being kept. Before leaving, Harmony told Cole that she was grateful for his assistance to Mira and the rebellion.

Time Jumpers[]

When Cole gets saved/captured from Owandell to Stafford and Stafford lets Cole see Harmony who then helps him get help from a Wayminder named Violet.


Her shaping power is much rarer than the average shaping power, because it is a mix of enchanting (illusions, which she uses to place stars in the sky) and weaving (foresight, which is uncontrollable and unexpected).


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