About Honor Edit

A daughter of the High King and Harmony; a sister of Miracle, Constance, Elegance and Destiny. Mira often refers to her sister Honor as Nori. Honor loves the outdoors and has an air of command and leadership about herself. Mira said that Honor was the least likely of her sisters that she ever would have thought would need rescuing. Honor's powers are strongest in Elloweer. She also seems to have some skill with a sword.

Appearance Edit

Honor is described as being a tall adolescent girl who has short hair and prefers to be a knight when Callista changes her.

Personality Edit

Honor has an air of command about herself and is a born leader. She loves the outdoors, is extremely stubborn, and is very loyal to those she cares about.

Character history Edit

Honor, along with her sisters, had her shaping powers stolen by her father at a young age. After they were stolen she remained the same age for years until she regained her powers from the Rogue Knight. Her protector was named Reggie and she had her own star from her mother, Harmony, to guide someone to her in times of need.