Hunter Randolph
Vital statistics
Position The High King's top Enforcer (formerly)
Age 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

About Hunter Edit

Hunter Randolph is the brother of Cole Randolph. He is more commonly known in the Outskirts as The Hunter; an extremely powerful Enforcer, one of the highest ranked enforcers for the High King.

Hunter disappeared to the Outskirts two years before Cole and therefore Cole had forgotten all about Hunter and didn't know he was his brother. At first Cole didn't believe Hunter, but Hunter let him access a thruport to look on social media and Cole found enough evidence that Hunter was definitely his brother.

Hunter is said to be capable and even quite good at all forms of shaping, which is why he is one of the High King's top Enforcers.

Appearances in the books Edit

The Hunter had been chasing Cole and his friends across the Outskirts since they had been in Sambria. He is known across the five kingdoms as one of the greatest and most dangerous enforcers, so Cole and his friends were afraid of being captured by him.

In Book 3: Crystal Keepers, Hunter was noticed to have taken a special interest in capturing Cole and set up robots and Enforcers all around Zeropolis to capture him. When Hunter finally captured Cole, he revealed himself as Cole's brother. Cole convinced him to join the Unseen and Hunter helped them to defeat Roxie.

Appearance Edit

Hunter has brown hair and a friendly face. Cole said that he has the same eyes as their father. 

Personality Edit

Hunter is friendly towards Cole and his friends. He told Cole that before he went to the Outskirts they weren't just brothers, they were great friends as well.

Originally loyal to the wrong people, his reunion with Cole enabled him to soon see through the lies and manipulations of his superiors, and his love and loyalty to his brother convinced him to defect to the side of the Unseen.