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"Can you shape it more? Improve it?"

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Fun Fact: In the Outskirts, the slavers believe Jenna and Dalton have shaping abilities and are taken to the High King, where shaping slaves are very valuable.

Cole used to have crush on Jenna when he was younger but now they’re in the same 6th grade class together and have become good friends, but may still have feelings for her.

(-via The Five Kingdoms Website)

One of Cole Randolph's friends who was kidnapped.

After her capture, she was taken to the temple of the still water. she was greeted by Cole while Cole rode on the Mare (also known as Thunder) this was during book 4

She decided to stay in the temple after Cole offered to bring her into Queen Harmony's tower in Junction City.

It is said that she can shape basic weaving (necronum shaping) such as summoning and repealing echos


Jenna was dressed as Cleopatra’s twin sister and had a straight black wig with bangs covering up her dark, curly hair.


Book 1: Sky Raiders

Book 4: Death Weavers

Book 5: Time Jumpers