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Lyrus is a semblance that guarded Parona and destroyed many of the Sky Raiders' skycraft


He is dressed like a Roman soldier, wears a breastplate, and carries a hefty sword. He has wild hair and a jewel in one earlobe. He wears sandals and metal shin guards.


He became a semi-sentient semblance when Cole Randolph placed The Shawl over him. He tricked Cole and the Sky Raiders into landing on Parona and then unleashed giant creatures. Many Sky Raiders died, including Durny. Mira and Cole were stranded on Parona after the other Sky Raiders fled (but they escaped thanks to Durny's work.)

After Parona floated through the Eastern Cloudwall, Lyrus was rescued by Liam because Declan had sensed that Lyrus was unusually self-aware. Lyrus then became captain of the guard of Declan's hideaway.