Ramarro, who is called Nazeem by his followers, is one of the two torivors to come to the Outskirts. He is the maker and source of shapecraft, and as well as the main villain of the Five Kingdoms series.

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Cole first meets him in the third book, Crystal Keepers, at a meeting of shapecrafters in Junction City at the Founding Stone. He resides in the Fallen Temple where he recruits echoes and live people as his disciples. Nazeem sees through his disguise and tries to stop him. Cole touches the Founding Stone, forcing Ramarro out and making him mad. He is beaten by Cole and sent to the Void.

In the fifth book, Time Jumpers, he breaks free at the Far North Cache, where he battles Cole and his friends. The final battle takes place on a sky castle in the Brink. Cole's penetration of his power startles Ramarro and weakens him. He is unable to fight back as the sky castle drifts into the Eastern Cloudwall, and he gets sucked to the vortex, the equivalent of a slipstream in Necronum. Ramarro is unable to resist the pull of the vortex and the homesong, therefore ending him.