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Shaping is the shaping technique used in Sambria. Shaped objects are commonly known as semblances, which seem like living things, or renderings, which are nonliving things.


  • Reality Dreaming - Sambria lies in between wakefulness and dreaming, and therefore, user can manipulate reality as if in a dream.
    • Creation - Shapers can shape anything tangible they can dream up of.
    • Destruction - Shapers can unshape shaped objects.
    • Property Manipulation - Shapers can alter the properties of shaped objects in various ways.
      • Non-Life Essence Manipulation - Advanced shapers can give semblances personality, and renderings sometimes have the ability to be ordered commands or act within given abilities, or routines.
      • Liquid Transformation - Skilled shapers can transform liquid in various ways, such as nullifying poison or turning it into something else.
  • Age Deceleration - Advanced shapers can decelerate their age.
  • Power Detection - Shapers can sense shaping potential/ability in others.

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  • Unlike the shaping techniques of other kingdoms, Sambrian shaping is just called shaping. This is because it is the closest to the original shaping, but not as powerful.