Shaping is the shaping technique used in Sambria. Shaped objects are commonly known as "semblances", which are living, or "renderings", which are nonliving. Unlike the shaping techniques of other kingdoms, Sambrian shaping is just called shaping. This is because it is the closest to the original shaping, but not as powerful.

Abilities Edit

  • Reality Dreaming - To user, reality is but a dream he/she is having, since Sambria seems like a dream.
    • Creation - User can shape anything tangible they can dream up of.
    • Destruction - User can unshape shaped objects.
  • Non-Life Essence Manipulation - Advanced shapers can give semblances personality, and renderings sometimes have the ability to be ordered commands or act within given abilities, or routines.
    • Attraction - Special swords (called Jumping Swords) can pull user to desired spot, and special boomerangs (no specific name) can come back to user no matter how far nor how bad the throw is.
    • Stiffness Alteration - Special ropes can become stiff, reducing elasticity.
  • Age Deceleration - Combined with the other four shaping techniques of each kingdom, the user can decelerate their age.

Known Users Edit

Power Users Edit

Object Users Edit

  • Cole (Jumping Sword)
  • Jace (golden rope)