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Secha is a slaver working under Ansel. She is a shaper and is responsible for marking Ansel's slaves as slaves.

Working for Ansel[]

Secha worked for Ansel Pratt for many years and served as his lead shaper, marking slaves with a bondmark. She went on many excursions with Ansel and his crew.

Kidnapping from Earth[]

Secha, Ansel, Ham, and many other slavers embarked on a journey to kidnap slaves on Earth via Wayminder. Ansel paid a man to allow housing in his home and to lure kids into the basement. The slavers set up many bones inside the basement to scare the kids even more. The slavers captured many kids on Halloween including Dalton, Jenna, Blake, Lacie, and Sarah. The only people to evade capture were Stu, Cole, and Delaney. Delaney and Cole were able to escape by hiding under curtains after Secha had eaten a cockroach to freak them out, threatened them, and then commanded the slavers to capture the kids.

Returning to the Outskirts[]

The team of slavers returned the Outskirts and put the kids into cages onboard wagons. When Cole followed through and attempted to free the slaves, he was caught and brought to Secha to be able to get a bondmark. Secha told Cole that if she were in charge, she would’ve fed Cole to Carnag and then brought Cole to the rear of the wagon. Secha and the slavers soldthe kids to the High King and sometime later, traveled to Carthage.

Capturing Cole[]

While in Carthag, Ansel and Ham discovered Cole, who had gained a freemark from Declan and had had his bondmark removed. Ansel, Ham, and Secha than captured Cole but they were found and confronted by Joe, Jace, Mira, and Twitch which resulted in Ham’ death. Ansel and Secha promised to not tell Enforcers about them or to chase after them in return for their freedom

Breaking her Promise[]

Soon after, Enforcers came and interrogated Ansel and Secha. Ansel kept his promiss but Secha told the Enforcers about the encounter. She was then imprisoned in Blackmont Castle.