Vital statistics
Position Unseen
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1 metre
Weight Unknown

About Sidekick Edit

Sidekick is a robot created by Googol who can move freely and has artificial intelligence which breaks the robot laws. He is designed to look like a cleaning droid although is actually highly intelligent and used by the unseen for stealing information and also as the harmony bomb.

Appearances in the books Edit

Sidekick appears in Book 3: Crystal Keepers as Googol's droid. He saves Cole from one of Hunter's droids and then helps Cole find Data point and Blake. Later Sidekick is revealed to be Googol and Nova's secret weapon the harmoy bomb and is detonated over old Zeropolis to destroy Roxie and Aeronomatron. Googol backed up Sidekicks files and memory and put them back into a new body afterwards.

Personality Edit

Sidekick was given a very humbled personality to match his name as he is the 'sidekick' of Outlaw. He often speaks in a robotic voice to trick people into thinking that he is unintelligent. He is also very modest and he seems to form quite a bond with Cole while they are in the sewers. He explained to Cole that he would never become like Aero as he was made by good people and knows his rights and his boundaries.

Appearance Edit

Sidekick is about one metre tall and has the body shape of a gumdrop. He is coloured green with white highlights. He scuttles around on six insectile legs that each have rubber hooves at the end, he has three glassy eyes, several small sensors poking out of the top of his head and he is banged up and scratched.