About Skye Edit

Skye in a member of the inner circle of the unseen and is now the grand shaper of Elloweer. She is a powerful shaper and one of the best illusionists in Elloweer. Her mother Lady Madeline calls her Skylark.

Appearances in the books Edit

She meets Cole and his friends at a magic show that Skye was the main act in along with her partner Verillian backstage. In the show she went under a false identity but reveals in to them because they are all part of the unseen. She then joins them in their search for Honor. In the fight against Morgassa, Skye chose a bear mask and at the death of Callista she became the grand shaper of Elloweer.

Appearance Edit

She is attractive with big blue eyes and a short white-blonde pixie haircut. She is probably in her forties of fifties.. When in the Magic show with Verillian she posed as his assistant and changed her appearance every few months so as to keep her identity a secret.

personality Edit

She is always quite kind and is extremely faithful to the resistance and the unseen.