Sultan was a friend of Skye and a member of the Unseen as well as a good shaper . Cole first met Sultan at an Unseen base when Skye wanted to meet Russell in Merriston.

Interrogating Russell Edit

Sultan helped get the information out of Russell, who was reluctant to tell the story again. Sultan then agreed to go with Skye, Cole, Jace, and Dalton to Edgemont to watch the Rogue Knight, who had Mira, fight the Dreadknight

Blackmont Castle Edit

After the duel, The Rogue Knight gave Sultan and the others access to Blackmont Castle, as Mira had grown a friendship with the knight. However, Rustin Sage and his men attacked and stormed the castle, planning on killing the Rogue Knight. As a result, Sultan was shot in the shoulder by one of Sage's men. Sultan was able to withstand the injury while carrying Brady and shaping. Joe tried to heal Sultan but he succumbed to his injuries.