The Rogue Knight (Sigmund)
The rouge knight person
Vital statistics
Position Unseen
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Dwarf
Weight Unknown
The rouge knight person

The Rogue Knight Edit

About The Rogue knight Edit

The Rogue Knight was a dwarf named Sigmund who worked for the Shapecrafters. They took Honor Pemberton's power and gave it to him, which turned him into the powerful and undefeatable rogue knight. The Rogue Knight went around Elloweer, challenging all the champions and always defeating them. He would then remove all tax from that village and move on to the next, followed by his almost-just-as-powerful eight-and-a-half knights (the half knight being his older brother Donovan, self named Minimus, who was also dwarven.)

Although the Rogue Knight was bad before receiving Honor's power, when he became the rogue knight he turned to the rebellion, and stayed with them after he returned his powers to Honor.

Appearance Edit

When he was the Rogue Knight he wore gleaming elaborate armor with a broadsword strapped across his back and a pair of antlers sprouting from his polished helmet. His armor was made for a full-sized person but Honors powers allowed him to control it even as a dwarf. In the battle against Morgassa his legs were chopped off but he was unharmed because his real legs sat above where his armor was cut.

Special Items Edit

The broadsword he carries is called Verity, which is a powerful scrubber, able to wipe away seemings and figments in seconds by being waved in front of the seeming or figment.