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Time Jumpers is the fifth and final book of the Five Kingdoms series, released on March 13, 2018.

Official Description[]

Trapped in a world where magic is powerful and dreams are real, Cole’s epic adventure comes to a close in book five of the New York Times bestselling “fanciful, action-packed adventure” series (Publishers Weekly, starred review), from the author of the Fablehaven and Beyonders series.

Cole Randolph can barely remember what life was like back home in Arizona. It’s hard to imagine there was a time he didn’t wake up to daily threats and danger. But Cole is still determined to find a way home with his friends and to set things right in the Five Kingdoms before he leaves. That means traveling to the last of the kingdoms—Creon. It’s a place where time itself can be manipulated, where reality can bend and change.

On one last death-defying mission, Cole must use everything he has learned to face a villain with powers beyond anything her has seen before. The past, present, and future are all at stake in this epic conclusions to the bestselling Five Kingdoms series.[1]


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The last princess, Elegance, resides in the Iron Fort in Creon.

Cole goes back to the Sky Raiders to get a new Jumping Sword.

Ramarro is trapped in the Void but manages to break free. 

Cole and his friends are traveling to the past to find Kendo Ratan to tell them how they could keep Ramarro more time to the Void, but it is not feasible. 

Cole defeats Ramarro by weakening him through the nexus of his power until the torivor falls into the whirlwind behind the Eastern Cloudwall. 

Chapter Summaries[]

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