Torivors are a psychic race from an unknown that first appeared in Brandon Mulls Beyonders series.

There are currently two Torivors in the Outskirts, Trillian and Ramarro aka Nazeem

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UPDATE: Torviors are all powerful creatures that come from a dreamlike reality, where they are completely immortal, they are like the physical manifestation of the soul. In Beyonders the Torviors are a shadow of power with no ability to shape the world like the outskirts, it is possible if Zokar had not put them in bondage they would have mastered Edomic, the language of creation and change Lyrian to their liking. In Five Kingdoms while the newly formed Outskirts had been created and the Framers had just certified their self's in the Echolands the Torvior Trillian and Ramarro. They quickly saw the danger in letting them stay abroad so before they could master shaping they rushed back and trapped Ramarro in the Fallen Temple which is in the Echolands. Then they defeated and buried Trillian in the the Lost Palace. Finally Dandulas decided to return to the Echolands and closed the door to their world.