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Wayminders are shapers from Creon. They can manipulate space and time, and have the unique ability to utilize space manipulation outside of Creon (This is done by borrowing space from Creon). Their power is limited in one place for a certain amount of time. They have been known to do anything for money. They are also the way many people get into the Outskirts.

Wayminders can still create portals outside of Creon and Junction; it is just a bit harder. Advanced Wayminders can manage to do it in Zeropolis to creat thruports.

Wayminders form a complex society that do not get involved in politics but just open ways for anyone who will pay enough.

Cole first met a Wayminder who had opened the gateway that allowed Ansel and his group of slavers to kidnap around 40 kids from earth. The Wayminder was not hostile to Cole and even advised him into going to the village of Keeva to get a freemark instead of trying to save his friends.

In the final book, Cole is paired up with a young Wayminder called Violet. With Cole's shaping power intact, Cole could power Violet so that the Wayminder could make multiple passages without tiring. Violet and Cole could move across the Five Kingdoms almost at will.